General Resort Information

A Canine Camelot

TOP DOG RESORT is a country home environment that is a LEASH FREE - NO CAGES, NO KENNELS - luxury vacation destination for a cherished, healthy, small dog of good character and training.
At TOP DOG RESORT the VIP (Very Important Pampered) guest rules! Each guest is lavished with personalized care, attention and pampering. Owner preferences are welcomed and honored.
Top Dog Resort’s exclusivity is due to a limited capacity and highly selective guest screening. These allow each VIP guest a home-away-from-home comfortable setting, a congenial visit and a fun time.
The VIP guest enjoy supervised leash free playing, sniffing, relaxing and comfort breaks. Full use of the resort home and fenced- in two plus acres, located on twelve residential acres of country property, allows each guest space to do whatever he or she enjoys. The fenced backyard is clean, quiet and distant from automotive traffic and noise. The diverse settings delight the guests: a large grassy romping field, shaded lanes to traverse, gardens and lawns to enjoy and a brick patio with doggie furniture for outside relaxing and snoozing.
The TOP DOG RESORT home is an conditioned, loving and congenial environment for a VIP guest to relax, play, socialize, exercise, snooze, dine, be cuddled and sleep.
Prior to the first reservation, the prospective VIP guest and master-owner MUST attend an on-site Sniff-Out-The-Resort Visit interview orientation meeting. For a special situation an off site in-home Sniff-Visit may occur with a photographic presentation of the resort. Special arrangements are available for our long distance clientele.
TOP DOG RESORT Day Camp, a non-sleep-over visit, is available for qualified VIP guests


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